Monday, November 7, 2011

Used Up Ladder Uses

Good morning Dreamers :) When trying to decide what to blog about today, I realized I haven't written anything about interior design or repurposing. While most people know what interior design is, "repurposing" may be a knew concept to some. Repurposing is just another way of saying "recycling junk into functional pieces in your home." One item that I am especially fond of is old ladders. Following are some ideas of how to incorporate repurposed ladders into your home.


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Two Ladder Bookshelf

Standing Ladder Shelf


Hanging Ladder Shelf


Bed with a step ladder as a night stand
Step Ladder Bedside Table


Convenient Catchall
Two Ladder Table

Ladder Towel Rack

You need a ladder hanging rack in your house. Old ladders can be used  for so many other purposes than reaching high places. You can repurpose  them into book shelves, towel racks, and garden trellises. Click for the  article that shows you how to upcycle and old ladder into my favorite, a  cool hanger for your pots and pans.
Ladder Pot Rack

Upwardly Mobile
Ladder Quilt Rack

Ladder Shoe Rack


Ladder Chandelier

Ladder Plant Stand